What catches the eye…

What catches my eye/my mind/my heart is the seemingly insignificant. There’s no rational accounting for it, so I am amazed by the catching as much as by what falls into the net – the flotsam and jetsam of life that I collect like seashells.

My tools are words and a camera. They help me capture the odd or intriguing moments that make life interesting. These moments are all free. All I have to do is catch one as it floats by. Cheap thrills I call them. 

Here is a photo I took of the wisteria in bloom in my backyard. There were bees everywhere and one actually held still long enough for a photo-op.



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  1. dontbesadblog
    Apr 08, 2008 @ 19:33:46

    Peace be upon you,

    Beautiful photograph, really- the composition is just right.

    Curious to read your words- but are moments free? Are they really cheap? Somehow, my perspective is each moment is something that can never, never-ever return. Once it is spent, it is gone. So, in actual fact, each moment, each hour, each day is precious and priceless.

    Kind regards.


  2. rahmama
    Apr 08, 2008 @ 20:18:50

    You are so right. I agree with your comments. It makes me also realize the responsibility of the words we write, because I can see how you interpreted it like you did, but it’s not the way I meant it.

    What I meant was each of these moments is like a gift. They are given to me without my asking. They are free in that sense, but as you point out, they are priceless.

    Many of them are what I call ‘moments of grace’ and I am amazed that I could hold ‘still’ long enough to catch them.
    The ‘cheap thrills’ part could be a flippant comment, so I have to ask myself now: ‘why do I call them cheap thrills?’
    The best answer I can give to this is that I spent a good many years in extreme financial circumstances with no money hardly for the basics, let alone for entertainment. It helped me learn to focus on things that required no money. So I took my kids to lots of parks and wrote poetry while we laid on the grass watching the birds flying in loops over our heads.
    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to clarify this writing.


  3. dontbesadblog
    Apr 08, 2008 @ 20:33:28

    Thank you for explaining. Forgive me for getting the wrong end of the stick- the phrase “cheap thrills” just have such un-impressive connotations. I think somehow I can grasp a little better what you mean with this phrase. Somehow, that, those moments are the park watching the birds fly and laying on the grass are “cheap” (that is require no money) in today’s materialistic world.

    Somehow, for me those are the more valuable of things. Grass. Trees. Birdsong. Simple everyday times.

    Kind regards.


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