What does a left-brain person do for fun?

Right brain vs. left brain test

This whirling dancer will spin both clockwise OR counter-clockwise depending on which side of your brain is most active. She will whirl for you if you double-click her.

This is an amazing visible detector of the right vs. left activity. It is so incredibly accurate. I can watch it spin one way, then when it seizes up, it might be going the other way. My brain flips back and forth with amazing speed these days. I guess this is good, since I need both sides in a big way. Just taking care of the nitty gritty elements of getting through a day of life require large chunks of my left brain.


Looks at parts

However, the writing process requires my right brain and I catch myself letting the “switch” flip when I have a moment to spare. I have to force my Left side to stay in gear, rather like a parent telling a child ‘finish your vegetables first, then you can have dessert.’


Looks at wholes  

Why is being in my right brain is so relaxing? Why can I spend hours here, playing around, writing mostly and not get tired. I could never stay up ’til 2:00 a.m. entering receipt amounts in Quicken, or preparing a profit and loss statement for our accountant. I know there’s a good reason for this, but I’m wondering if naturally left-brained people feel that way about being in their element. I mean how does an accountant relax? What does an actuary do for fun?

Gosh, do they even blog? I’m starting to feel like meeting a truly Left-Brainer would be like a cross-cultural exchange.


7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. kegger
    Apr 23, 2008 @ 16:20:49

    That’s odd–I was VERY close to posting that as an indication of whether you thought with your right brain or left brain along with the other quiz I posted, but then I decided not to. Even more unusual is that the other day when I looked at it, it was initially rotation clockwise until I concentrated and flipped it. Today when I initially looked at it, it was rotation counter-clockwise until I concentrated and flipped it. I wonder why that is. That makes me wonder if maybe sometimes I work more one side of my brain than I do the other.


  2. rahmama
    Apr 23, 2008 @ 17:17:36

    I find this process and subject fascinating. As I pay attention to what I am doing I am noticing more which side is operating.
    I think both sides and all the sub categories in each take practice to develop. Since I’ve been writing a children’s book my right brain is definitely amped up.
    It’s interesting also to notice that I am better at flipping over to the side that needs to take charge of what I’m doing.


  3. Dr. Tom Bibey
    Apr 24, 2008 @ 01:59:09

    As a Doc who plays music, I have to work off the correct side depending on the task at hand. I put the left to log-in when I write or play a show, and power it up again when I go back to the office.

    Dr. B


  4. rahmama
    Apr 24, 2008 @ 05:48:51

    Dr. Tom:
    I like your terminology about logging in and out of the correct brain mode. Wish I could control my ‘channels’ better and be more disciplined in this.
    p.s. Wouldn’t you log-out of the left when you write or play music?


  5. drtombibey
    May 01, 2008 @ 20:17:03

    Correct -that shoulda been log-out! I must not have been logged in. Dang!

    Dr. B


  6. gary goodwin
    Jun 07, 2008 @ 19:13:34

    Is this dancer image from an optical illusion site or does it have some testing validity in psychology? Just wondering how you found it.


  7. rahmama
    Jun 09, 2008 @ 20:18:09

    I don’t really know how it was created or if it’s had some scientific-type testing. All I know is that is changes directions for me and when I’ve been really left-brained from doing bookkeeping, it takes some effort to relax enough to let it swirl the other way.

    Pretty cool.
    Oh, it was sent to me from someone on a drawing forum I was on.


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