Biloxi angel

St. Michaels Catholic Church, Biloxi, MS

There is a Catholic church in Biloxi, MS which sits directly across the street from the floating casinos which abound there. It struck me the first time I saw it (before Katrina) because of the angel. He carried a sword and looked out over the floating casinos. He seemed to carry the qualities of both compassion and serious intensity of an divine being with a mission.

The church survived Hurricane Camille and Hurricane Katrina.

Recently, we traveled to this area and I was very curious to see what had happened to the angel. It had a such a strong presence and its placement is so incongruous to its surroundings that I can’t help but think that he is trying to tell us something.

Here’s what we found. The angel stands on the ground now, sword broken. The church is barely functioning, if at all. However, the casinos are back in full force. Most of the casinos had been completely destroyed by Katrina but now they are more plentiful than ever. Since the relaxing of the laws that prevented casinos to be built on land (pre-Katrina) the

I thought it was an interesting, and sad, reflection of how the priorities of humankind manifest themselves.






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  1. Heather G
    Aug 21, 2015 @ 05:03:32

    This post is 7 years old, so I doubt you’ll see my message. But I hope that you do. I’m in Mississippi, and we’re about to celebrate (?) the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Yes, we’re celebrating human resiliency. You may be happy to know that St. Michael’s Church is prospering. It’s stronger than ever. The people make the church, not the building. Ask the people who sat through outdoor mass on the lawn of St. Michael’s in the months following Hurricane Camille in 1969. Just because the church looked like it was barely functioning doesn’t mean it was. On the contrary, that church was serving their brothers and sisters and loving them through the worst devastation of their lives. Once the people of the community were stabilized, the church building rebuilding was begun. We believe that angels are messengers of God. The Archangel Michael that once stood atop the church was found standing upright in front of the church facing the Gulf of Mexico in defiance of mayhem and devastation. That angel gave many hope. His sword may have been broken, but it was broken on the face of that storm. The angel now stands atop the chapel in front of the church, protecting Biloxi and us from whatever storms may come.


    • Rahma Krambo
      Aug 21, 2015 @ 23:15:44

      Heather: I am so happy to receive your note. This blog is pretty obsolete so I’m glad I got an email notification of your comment.

      My husband and I don’t live in MS but we make occasional business trips to Ocean Springs. On our first trip through Biloxi the angel really caught my eye and has stayed with me ever since (that was pre-Katrina, but post Camille) There is something very powerful in this particular figure of Saint Michael as though some of his presence is there. I am not Catholic but have a strong belief in the reality of angels.

      I’m glad to hear the church is prospering. Human resiliency is certainly a cause for celebration. On my first trip to the area after Katrina, I made sure we drove by the church even though we had no other reason to cross the bridge. I knew that the church had endured when I saw Saint Michael once again on top of the chapel.

      I seemed to have developed an affinity for St. Michael. According to some traditions Michael is the ‘angel of storms’. I am working on a book and he plays a small but very significant part.

      Can you tell me anything of the history of the statue? Do you know who created it?
      Thank you so much for taking the time to write to me.


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