Biloxi angel

St. Michaels Catholic Church, Biloxi, MS

There is a Catholic church in Biloxi, MS which sits directly across the street from the floating casinos which abound there. It struck me the first time I saw it (before Katrina) because of the angel. He carried a sword and looked out over the floating casinos. He seemed to carry the qualities of both compassion and serious intensity of an divine being with a mission.

The church survived Hurricane Camille and Hurricane Katrina.

Recently, we traveled to this area and I was very curious to see what had happened to the angel. It had a such a strong presence and its placement is so incongruous to its surroundings that I can’t help but think that he is trying to tell us something.

Here’s what we found. The angel stands on the ground now, sword broken. The church is barely functioning, if at all. However, the casinos are back in full force. Most of the casinos had been completely destroyed by Katrina but now they are more plentiful than ever. Since the relaxing of the laws that prevented casinos to be built on land (pre-Katrina) the

I thought it was an interesting, and sad, reflection of how the priorities of humankind manifest themselves.