What are the elements of a great climax scene?

Looking for advise from the writer’s community. I’ve been working on a children’s book for almost a year. My brief stint as a freelance newspaper writer did not prepare me for the massive learning curve I’ve encountered in attempting to write a book.

I think I’ve got great characters and an intriguing plot (but then what writer doesn’t think that, right?). The story is allegorical in nature with cats as the main characters and gangster raccoons as the antagonizers.

I’m working on the climax scene. I could use some advise on the elements needed for a great climax scene. I realize that it doesn’t have the oomph it needs and would like to hear from other writers.

This is a children’s book, ages 12 and up, but I would imagine that the essential elements of a great climax scene would be the same no matter what genre.